Social Media Listening

Tapping into consumer conversation

Monitor real-time

Protect your brand image

Through our Social Listening processes, Press Data taps into relevant online consumer conversations, to achieve the results you need. Assessing blogs, news content and all social platforms, utilising advanced AI-powered sentiment analysis tools and monitoring results in real-time, you will be expertly guided by our Social Media industry professionals, who cut though the noise to give you the meaningful and impactful insights you require. Consumer demands change rapidly, and so too should brand responses, protecting, enhancing and developing brand image. At Press Data, our Social Listening experts continuously research and test the tools available, to ensure that we provide you with the exact solution to your specific programme needs.

Start each day primed and prepared


From the start of your working day your customised Press Data service equips you with all you need to know to manage your communication requirements, with support and tools continuously available throughout the 24-hour news cycle