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Realtime News

The global news environment and the 24-hour news cycle, in which our clients operate, is continuously fed by rolling TV news, web-first newspaper publishing, newswires and Social Media content.

Press Data’s service within our Real Time News Team provides an unparalleled level of tactical support ensuring that we deliver the correct content to you, on time, every time. Online news and social media have an immediate impact on your organisation’s reputation. Our super-fast alerts enable you to manage pro-actively, and to respond in this challenging environment, protecting and building your brand.

Our experienced and dedicated team of Real Time News Researchers and Analysts continuously check key new sources 24 hours a day to provide customised email alerts to you. We support our clients through diverse situations, including crisis management, mergers and acquisitions, and political campaigns. Press Data’s Real Time News service enables you and your communications team as well as your senior management and stakeholders, to stay one step ahead of the rolling news agenda.

Start each day primed and prepared


From the start of your working day your customised Press Data service equips you with all you need to know to manage your communication requirements, with support and tools continuously available throughout the 24-hour news cycle