Media Monitoring

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With an unrivalled pedigree across the UK our approach to mainstream media monitoring is more than just a “tool”.  We successfully blend the best technology with the in-depth expertise of our highly experienced Researchers and Editorial Team.  Our approach ensures accuracy, precision and relevancy.  Our solution delivers precisely the right content at the right time.

We operate fully­-staffed, UK-located, Research and Editorial Teams round-the-clock 24 hours-a-day.  At any point through the 24-hour news cycle, our people are available to deliver your exact requirements and respond immediately to any enquiry you have.

Media Monitoring


Print journalism continues to be an important element of many aspects of media relations.  At Press Data we monitor all daily and weekly titles across the UK, as well as comprehensive key publications around the world.  Our comprehensive magazine coverage ensures you have access to full coverage of everything that you need to see as part of your communications strategy.

Press Data delivers high-quality, full-colour, digital PDF articles, in easy-to-view formats across all platforms.  All print articles are reviewed by our Editors to ensure they meet your brief – accurate and relevant. Each article is supplied with a written summary that contextualises why it is important to you.

Media Monitoring


Radio, Television and Podcasts all provide real opportunities for PR and communicators to engage with local and national audiences.  Press Data’s broadcast monitoring captures everything you need, and is filtered and targeted to ensure you are not overwhelmed with repeats and irrelevant coverage.

We capture 250 channels across the UK, 24 hours a day, from all nationals to a comprehensive range of regional and local channels.  Our Broadcast Research Team blend voice-to-text technology with enhanced human tagging to deliver exactly to your specific requirements, supplying precise clips with full contextual summaries.  All our clips are cut to the exact length and are easily streamed, as well as available in downloadable formats, and can be delivered to you straight after broadcast. Your clips are posted directly into your NewsPad Pro platform with a full range of metadata and searchable text for evaluation tagging and internal distribution.

Our Broadcast Service consistently score top marks from our clients, year-on-year, for quality, trust, accuracy and deadlines.

Media Monitoring


In a world where over 4 million news items are added each day to the online news universe, the ability to identify and deliver the coverage you want requires a range of technologies and skills working in harmony.  AI technology by itself does not solve this challenge. At Press Data, we capture everything that it is possible to track, with over 200,000 global news sources, selecting only those news items that are important to our clients.

At Press Data we deploy a range of technologies and search approaches which enable our Online Research Team to filter and extract all relevant content, to sort the news from the noise, all happening in real-time 24 hours-a-day.  Our expertise ensures you are always fully informed of any coverage that is important to you.

All your filtered online news coverage is delivered directly to you and posted directly to your NewsPad Pro account.  All your coverage is fully searchable and will build to form your own archive.  You can also tag to your own evaluation criteria.  And through NewsPad Pro you can access directly our entire global news database to run ad hoc searches as required.

Media Monitoring


In a world full of self- service tools, we understand the need to speak to, and consult, an expert on your account.  At Press Data our core focus is service, and we will create a tailored solution that meets your individual requirements and budget.

Everything we provide is supported by a genuine, round-the-clock Account Management Team who respond to any enquiry you have. Our people have the experience to solve your problems and you can contact us anytime, by phone and email, and we will be there for you.

Our first core principle for working with our clients is simple – get it right first time, every time.  And for this reason we are able to provide all our clients with unlimited client support.

Start each day primed and prepared


From the start of your working day your customised Press Data service equips you with all you need to know to manage your communication requirements, with support and tools continuously available throughout the 24-hour news cycle